Amazon has been relying on
First Choice since 2015.

Why? Because we have simplified shipping with all our combined services and strategic partners. Here’s how our end-to-end solution works:

Amazon Seller Central Account Setup*

We will introduce you to your own dedicated Amazon account rep. The Amazon rep will help you:

Create all of your product listings and translate the language if needed.

Resolve any issues that your account may run into.

Set up your verification process in full.

Doing this on your own can take several weeks or months!

*$1m minimum required sales per year on the US platform.

VAT (Value Added Tax) Registration Services

We can help with:

VAT assistance for the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Canada (NRI), Australia, and Dubai

Filing taxes quarterly in compliance with the latest requirements

Custom Shipping Portal

Features include:
All Amazon addresses worldwide pre-installed into your account

Shipments marked as DDP and pre-paid taxes to ensure timely delivery

Harmonized Code Generator ensuring your products are properly classified

Tracking multiple shipments or scheduling a pickup

Commercial invoices generated with you listed as the Importer of Record

Duty and Tax Calculator to anticipate amounts in real time so you’re not in for any surprises

Warehousing services in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US

Our warehousing services provide:

Assistance with Amazon removal orders and customer returns

Addresses in forwarding countries so you can act as the IMPORTER OF RECORD

Labeling services for your cartons/products to ship into Amazon warehouse locations

We are a customer-focused team of experts:

Our extremely dedicated support team is available every step of the way by phone or email
We’re very knowledgeable with requirements the carriers have regarding hazmat, dangerous goods, and the like.
Our clearance team monitors all shipments from when it has been picked up until final delivery to ensure there are no delays.

First Choice is our preferred Amazon USA to Europe carrier of choice to give to our USA based Sellers.

They are extremely reliable, responsive and provide super-fast shipping! In addition to this, they have partnered with the necessary Tax partners to enable our Sellers to become tax compliant prior to shipping to Europe so that they are educated in all areas of being a merchant in Europe. This involves a free VAT # application, customs brokerage and tax filing service! We appreciate the full-service and look forward to a continued relationship with First Choice.”

Global Business Development Team

Amazon Services LLC

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