You choose the where and let us worry about the how. Our specially trained customs agents are on the ground and across the globe. We’re making sure that your shipment passes through customs even under the toughest standards.

Harmonized Code Classification

Classifying your products correctly is essential for importing and exporting smoothly. FCS has knowledgeable experts who will help you file the correct harmonized codes to ensure you aren’t paying unnecessary fees so you can keep your costs down.

FDA Clearance

We know it can be difficult to keep up with the ever changing rules and regulations set forth by the FDA. Our trusted clearance team stays up-to-date with all the regulations to ensure your shipments are released promptly.

Navigate Government Agencies

Our brokerage team has extensive experience working with all government agencies including: CBP, CPSC, DOT, EPA, FWS FDA, & USDA.

Expedite Cargo Exams

When entering the U.S, a small percentage of containers may be sent for exam. Our team of experts will help expedite the process as well as minimize the hold times for VACIS and intensive exams.

Minimize Storage Fees

After designated free time expires, storage fees rapidly accumulate. In order to maximize efficiency, our dedicated team will ensure smooth cargo transfer with no extra fees.

Manage Cash Flow with Ease

Take advantage of interest free payment terms with our PMS options in order to better manage your cash flow. Whether you choose to pay once per duty statement or once per month, we’ll help you handle your payments efficiently.


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What Products Are Restricted or Require Additional Licensing / Permits?

Not Permitted By Air


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