With the volume we move (especially for Amazon sellers) we have the ability to get you the most affordable pricing the market has to offer more savings for you!

Market Overview

9.9 million
Estimated Monthly Traffic:

20 million visits

E-commerce Revenue:
$20.8 billion

Fun Fact:
Dubai has been listed as one of the cities with the highest monthly salary!

Expand to the UAE with Ease!

Our compliance team will get you all the necessary approvals to ensure all your products are eligible to be shipped into the UAE.
Amazon Seller Central Account
Set up an Amazon Seller Central account to create a listing, grow your account, and navigate performance issues.

First Choice Account Setup

Our user-friendly portal makes it extremely simple to create shipping labels and commercial invoices after signing up for an account.

How our End-to-End Solution Works

Create your Work Order in Seller Central

You will obtain the address from the FC Amazon wants you to ship to with this process

Use this link from Amazon for a step by step guide on how to create your work order

Choose ‘’Other’’ by the carrier options and type in First Choice Shipping

Custom Shipping Portal

It takes no more than 5 minutes from when you sign up to be able to ship out your very first shipment using our portal:

All Amazon addresses worldwide are pre-installed into your account.

The correct Importer of Record will automatically show up on the commercial invoice.

A commercial invoice is generated along with the shipment once you enter the value and description.

Shipping Services to UAE

Shipping Options by Courier

What Products Are Restricted or Require
Additional Licensing / Permits?

May Require Addional Approval

Health & Beauty

Baby Products



Religious or Policial Media

Brands that are registered in the UAW with Importer Restrictions Perfumes


Animal Derived Products

Nail Polish


Approved Categories

All Soft Line Items

Apparel, Shoes, Watches, Sunglasses, Luggage

Non-branded Electronics

Non-branded Phones

Kitchen accessories, pet accessories, and many more

Reach Out To Us Anytime To Get Approvals If Your Products Can Be Shipped.

Our extremely dedicated support team is available every step of the way by phone or email

We’re very knowledgeable with requirements that carriers have regarding hazmat, dangerous goods, and the like.

Our clearance team monitors all shipments from when it has been picked up until final delivery to ensure there are no delays.

United States











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